Hotel Reservations - Terms of Service

The Hotel reservation service is offered as a value added service exclusively for our dental clients under the following terms and conditions.

1. Reservations
All reservations have to be made directly through E-mail at least 7 days before arrival.

2. Confirmation
You will be notified by email or fax after submitting your request for hotel confirmation. The confirmation email / fax has to be presented at the hotel reception at the time of checking-in.

3. Rates
The special rates for rooms are offered exclusively for our dental customers, quoted in Thai Baht and corrected at the time of presenting. The charges for any additional services you may avail at the hotel such as laundry, room service, food and beverages etc., has to be paid extra at the time of checking-out unless mentioned explicitly on the invoice or the confirmation email. The hotel may ask for a valid credit card at the time of checking-in to verify and to cover incidental expenses during your stay.

4. Deposit & Refund
A security deposit for Hotel Reservation of US$ 80-100 has to be made for the confirmation and has to be paid through Paypal as per the deposit request email which you will be receiving after the accommodation request.
This security deposit is for the Guarantee of the hotel reservation, not for the pre-payment for Hotel Bills or dental bills.
This security deposit will be returned to your Paypal account no later than 7 days after your check-in date. Please be informed that the returned amount will be after deducting the brokerage fee from the money transmission via PayPal.

5. Payment
The accommodation payment has to be made directly at the hotel reception at the time of checking-in / checking-out depending on the hotel policy, as per the invoice given to you along with the confirmation email by our customer service staff.

6. Cancellations
If by any reason you cancel your hotel reservation, the initial deposit will be non-refundable. However, you can reschedule the booking for a later date without any additional booking deposit.

7. Contact
In case of emergency or needing any clarifications, please contact our Customer Service Executive at client@dentalthailand.org