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As an alternative to dental bridges and implants, removable dentures can be used to replace several missing teeth. It is possible to get either full or partial dentures. Full dentures remain in place by form fitting to the gum ridges. Partial dentures often have additional ridges that fit around the natural teeth, helping them to stay in place.

It may take several visits to our dental clinic in order to properly fit a denture. Our dentist will take several impressions of your gums, and send these to our in-house dental lab technicians. They will use these impressions to fabricate your new dentures. On the next appointment, the dentist will place and check the dentures to ensure that your bite is correct and that the dentures meet your expectations.

In consideration, one of the significant disadvantages of dentures is the resorption of the underlying bone. The bone is normally maintained and stimulated by the stresses of chewing. When the netural teeth have been removed, the bone is no longer subject to the same stress, and therefore begins to atrophy (absorbed by the body).

At Bangkok Smile MALO DENTAL, we recommend the use of dental implants instead of dentures to replace your missing teeth. Implants also replace the missing tooth roots, thus being able to maintain the same kind of stimulation/stress on the underlying bone, essential preventing bone resorption.

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