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Dental Veneers, also referred to as "porcelain veneers treatment" is a cutting-edge technological breakthrough in restorative and cosmetic dentistry innovation. If you have discolored, slightly chipped/broken, fractured, or slightly misaligned/oddly-shaped teeth, then this treament would be the ideal approach to transform your smile into its most natural yet dazzling appearance ever!

Dental Veneers can dramatically enhance your smile by changing your teeth's shape, size, and color, or even correct their angle to make them appear perfectly straight. All these without having to worry about having gum issues because your teeth only requires minimal procedures in preparation tof their placement. The treatment utilizes relatively conservative techniques compared with dental crowns of tooth bonding. They are very durable and stain-proof as well, therefore giving you greater confidence in your gorgeous smile.

At Bangkok Smile Silom Branch, we are all about bringing out that great smile you’ve been dreaming of – in the most time-efficient and convenient way than you’ve ever imagined. We are truly proud to be a leading provider of the world’s best and most patient-requested dental veneer systems here in Thailand.

IPS e.max Veneers

Emax Veneer is built as a thin layered veneer to be bonded to the front surface of the tooth for appearance and functional enhancement. It is made from Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramicm which is extremely stronger than the Empress Veneer. Besides outstanding aesthetics with shade capacities, the Emax Veneer is also capable to be pressed as thin as 0.3 mm so that you do not need to lose much of your tooth layer for preparation. It is intellectually promising to deliver a more durable yet seamless and natural-looking smile.

We proudly present here the Emax Veneer Center, satisfying the international standards of cosmetic dentistry, to offer those who desire a Smile Makeover while having a holiday in Thailand. The center provides custom-made veneers corresponding to your request under supervision of our well-trained dental specialists. You can be assured about the quality control and on-time shipment from our international standard services.

Lumineers® Veneers

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Our long experience in the field of implant dentistry has put us in place as one of the leading and most trusted dental implant providers in Thailand. Through the years we have expanded our options and kept in touch with the latest & most advanced implant solutions because we only want the best for you when it comes to restoring your smile.

DURAThin™ Veneers

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